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NatPSA/2024/007/DHSC Shortage of Pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy (PERT) National Patient Safety Alert - DHSC 24-May-2024 Issued
NatPSA/2024/006/DHSC Shortage of Orencia ClickJect (abatacept) 125mg/1ml solution for injection pre-filled pens National Patient Safety Alert - DHSC 23-May-2024 Issued
NatPSA/2024/005/MVA Shortage of Erelzi (etanercept) 50mg solution for injection in pre-filled pen National Patient Safety Alert - DHSC 03-May-2024 Issued
CEM/CMO/2024/002 Influenza season 2023/24: ending the prescribing and supply of antiviral medicines in primary care CMO Messaging 02-May-2024 Issued
NatPSA/2024/004/MHRA Reducing risks for transfusion-associated circulatory overload National Patient Safety Alert - MHRA 04-Apr-2024 Issued
NatPSA/2024/003/DHSC_MVA Shortage of salbutamol 2.5mg/2.5ml and 5mg/2.5ml nebuliser liquid unit dose vials National Patient Safety Alert - DHSC 26-Feb-2024 Issued
CEM/CMO/2024/001 Valproate: important new regulatory measures for oversight of prescribing to new patients and existi ... CMO Messaging 21-Feb-2024 Issued
NatPSA/2024/002/NHSPS Transition to NRFit connectors for intrathecal and epidural procedures, and delivery of regional blocks National Patient Safety Alert - NHS England Patient Safety 31-Jan-2024 Issued
NatPSA/2024/001/DHSC Shortage of GLP-1 receptor agonists (GLP-1 RA) update National Patient Safety Alert - DHSC 03-Jan-2024 Issued
CEM/CMO/2023/003 Influenza Season 2023/24: Use of antiviral medicines CMO Messaging 14-Dec-2023 Issued

* Alerts highlighted in blue are National Patient Safety Alerts. Further information about this type of alert can be found in this update.

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