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Reference Alert Title Originated ByIssue DateStatus
CHT/2023/001 NHS England Estates and Facilities alerts and safety messages CAS Helpdesk Team 20-Feb-2023 Issued
NatPSA/2023/003/MHRA NIDEK EyeCee preloaded and EyeCee One Crystal preloaded Intraocular Lenses (IOLs): risk of increased ... National Patient Safety Alert - MHRA 01-Feb-2023 Issued
NatPSA/2023/002/CMU Supply of Licensed and Unlicensed Epidural Infusion Bags National Patient Safety Alert - DHSC 23-Jan-2023 Issued
NatPSA/2023/001/NHSPS Use of oxygen cylinders where patients do not have access to medical gas pipeline systems National Patient Safety Alert - NHS England & NHS Improvement 10-Jan-2023 Issued
CEM/CMO/2022/018 Interleukin-6 inhibitors (tocilizumab or sarilumab) for adult patients hospitalised due to COVID-19 CMO Messaging 29-Nov-2022 Issued
CEM/CMO/2022/017 Baricitinib for patients hospitalised due to COVID-19 (Adults and Children aged 2 years and over) CMO Messaging 28-Nov-2022 Issued
CEM/CMO/2022/016 Remdesivir for patients hospitalised due to COVID-19 CMO Messaging 28-Nov-2022 Issued
CEM/CMO/2022/015 Treatment of Hospital-Onset COVID-19 in Adults and Children CMO Messaging 28-Nov-2022 Issued
CEM/CMO/2022/014 Treatments for Highest Risk Non-Hospitalised Patients (Adults and Children) with COVID-19 CMO Messaging 28-Nov-2022 Issued
CEM/CMO/2022/013 Influenza season 2022/2023: Use of antiviral medicines CMO Messaging 24-Nov-2022 Issued

* Alerts highlighted in blue are National Patient Safety Alerts. Further information about this type of alert can be found in this update.

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