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NatPSA/2022/005/UKHSA Contamination of hygiene products with Pseudomonas aeruginosa National Patient Safety Alert - UKHSA 24-Jun-2022 Issued
CEM/CMO/2022/010 Antivirals or Neutralising Antibodies for Non-Hospitalised Patients with COVID-19 CMO Messaging 30-May-2022 Issued
CEM/CMO/2022/009 Antivirals or Neutralising Monoclonal Antibodies in the Treatment of Hospital-Onset COVID-19 CMO Messaging 30-May-2022 Issued
NatPSA/2022/004/MHRA NovoRapid PumpCart in the Roche Accu-Chek Inight insulin pump: risk of insulin leakage causing hyper ... National Patient Safety Alert - MHRA 26-May-2022 Issued
CEM/CMO/2022/008 Immediate actions in response to cases of Monkeypox Virus in the UK with no known travel history CMO Messaging 16-May-2022 Issued
CHT/2022/002 Changes to alert responses CAS Helpdesk Team 10-May-2022 Issued
CEM/CMO/2022/007 Baricitinib for Patients Hospitalised Due to COVID-19 (Adults and Children Aged 2 Years and Over) CMO Messaging 05-May-2022 Issued
NatPSA/2022/003/NHSPS Inadvertent oral administration of potassium permanganate National Patient Safety Alert - NHS England & NHS Improvement 05-Apr-2022 Issued
NatPSA/2022/002/MHRA UPDATED 25/05/22: Philips Health Systems V60, V60 Plus and V680 ventilators – potential unexpected s ... National Patient Safety Alert - MHRA 29-Mar-2022 Issued
NatPSA/2022/001/UKHSA Potential contamination of Alimentum and Elecare infant formula food products National Patient Safety Alert - UKHSA 04-Mar-2022 Issued

* Alerts highlighted in blue are National Patient Safety Alerts. Further information about this type of alert can be found in this update.

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