Central Alerting System
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Alerts and Registration

This page displays a consolidated list of alerts we have issued on Coronavirus. The dates in the list below are the issue dates of the alerts and will take you to the alert once clicked.

Registering to receive alerts

The Central Alerting System is designed to operate as a cascade system. We issue alerts to organisations; those organisations then share alerts within their organisation as they deem necessary to complete any actions the alert calls for. We strongly encourage registration via generic email addresses wherever possible so that multiple individuals at an organisation can receive alert emails that we issue.

Please note that alerts for NHS Primary Care Contractors (Community Pharmacies, Dental and Optometry) are currently sent to such providers by NHS England and NHS Improvement Regional Offices.

In the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation we are receiving enquiries from individuals who are working on the national response that wish to receive alerts about coronavirus (COVID-19). We are also receiving enquiries from organisations that wish to register additional individuals for business continuity purposes. We are now ready to accept registrations from anyone working in the health and social care sector, regardless of whether we already have any registrations from their organisation. This is a temporary measure while we respond to this situation. We will notify anyone who registers via the two links below when we intend to stop sending alerts via these routes.

If you are registering an email address from your GP Practice for the first time, if you are replacing someone currently registered to receive alerts from us at your organisation, if you are amending current registration details with us or have any questions then please contact us at safetyalerts@mhra.gov.uk rather than following either link below.

Register for alerts about coronavirus (COVID-19)

Register for all alerts that we issue including those about coronavirus (COVID-19)

Contact our helpdesk

Email: safetyalerts@mhra.gov.uk

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