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Originator: National Patient Safety Alert - MHRA

Issue date: Originally issued on 04-Apr-2024 12:41:16. This version was issued on 04-Apr-2024 12:41:16

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  • Ambulance Trusts
  • Mental Health & Learning Disabilities Trusts
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  • Integrated Care Boards

Action category: Action

Title: Reducing risks for transfusion-associated circulatory overload

Broadcast content:
**05 April 2024: we have updated the pdf to rectify some formatting issues and broken links.**

Transfusion-associated circulatory overload (TACO) is defined as acute or worsening respiratory compromise and/or acute or worsening pulmonary oedema during or up to 12 hours after transfusion, with additional features including cardiovascular system changes not explained by the patient’s underlying medical condition, evidence of fluid overload and a relevant biomarker. 

TACO is one of the most common causes of transfusion related deaths in the UK and cases have increased substantially in recent years. Identifying risk factors for TACO prior to transfusion allows initiation of appropriate mitigating measures.

This National Patient Safety Alert contains further information and action for providers to reduce risks for patients.

Additional information: This alert is not relevant to Primary Care providers.

Alert reference: NatPSA/2024/004/MHRA

Action underway deadline: 08-Apr-2024

Action complete deadline: 04-Oct-2024


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