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Issue date: Originally issued on 02-Feb-2021 09:00:15. This version was issued on 02-Feb-2021 09:00:15

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Action category: Action

Title: Changes to MHRA Drug Alerts

Broadcast content:
Please note that this message has been superceded by CH/2021/002 published 04 March 2021.

In CHT/2020/002 we told you about the accreditation of MHRA as an issuer of National Patient Safety Alerts. In line with that accreditation further changes are being made to MHRA safety messaging. 

The term ‘alert’ will no longer be used for any MHRA safety message which does not meet the criteria of a National Patient Safety Alert. 

MHRA Drug Alerts are being renamed to Medicines Recalls (to replace what were previously Drug Alerts class 1-4) and Medicines Notifications (to replace what were previously Drug Alert: Caution in Use, Class 4). These Recalls and Notifications will not be published on the CAS website. 

If you have been receiving Drug Alerts from us then you will receive email notifications when the MHRA issues these Recalls / Notifications, but the link will take you to where the recall or notification will be published on the MHRA website rather than linking to the CAS website.

The email you receive will come from safetyalerts@subscriptions.mhra.gov.uk to reflect this different delivery route and we ask that you add this address to your email safe senders list (or equivalent) to ensure these emails reach your inbox. 

The MHRA Defective Medicines Reporting Centre operates an out of hours telephone cascade for any Medicines Recall issued out of hours. That cascade remains in place and is not impacted by the changes described in this update.

These changes are part of the ongoing work underway by all alert issuers to become accredited to issue National Patient Safety Alerts. 

Please note there is no attachment with this broadcast.

Additional information: NHS England and NHS Improvement Regional Offices: please cascade this message to community pharmacy, dental and optometry contracters.

Alert reference: CH/2021/001

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Email: safetyalerts@mhra.gov.uk

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