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Originator: CAS Helpdesk Team

Issue date: 07-Feb-2020 08:36:21

This alert has been issued to:
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  • Acute Trusts
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Action category: Action

Title: Out of hours contact information

Broadcast content:
Does your organisation provide any out of hours services to patients? Examples could include urgent care centres, telephone helplines, walk-in centres and A&E or minor treatment/illness centres.

If your organisation does then please provide us with an email address that can be accessed out of hours (by contacting us at safetyalerts@mhra.gov.uk), should we need to issue any updated safety information or advice.

Anything we do issue out of hours will also be issued by email in our usual way. 

There are no download attachments with this message and no response via the CAS website is required. 

Additional information: NHS England Regional Offices: you do not need to cascade this information onward, but if you have an out of hours contact email you would like to register then please inform us.

Alert reference: CHT/2020/001

Contact our helpdesk

Email: safetyalerts@mhra.gov.uk

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