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Originator: MHRA Medical Device Alerts

Issue date: 11-Dec-2019 11:59:59

Action by recipients:
  • MDA Pilot (a)

Information to recipients:
  • MDA Pilot (b)

Action category: Action

Title: Recall of Medicina IV Luer Slip syringe (IVS03) batch number 19040303

Broadcast content: Manufactured by Medicina – syringes incorrectly packaged with a needle could mean they are not sterile and could cause a needlestick injury.

Note: as a pilot approach this alert is only being sent to Trusts and other organisations which:
  • the manufacturer has confirmed that these devices have been supplied to;
  • and that have not responded to the Field Safety Notice. 
This pilot will allow us to assess the effectiveness of sending more targeted alerts, where we have sufficient information to enable us to do so. This aims to reduce the burden on those organisations that we know are not affected. 

CAS Liaison Officers receiving this alert, please action in the same way you would for any other MDA.

Alert reference: MDA/2019/043

Action underway deadline: 27-Dec-2019

Action complete deadline: 08-Dec-2020


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