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Originator: DHSC & NHS England and Improvement: Supply disruption alert

Issue date: 14-Nov-2019 15:39:44

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Action category: Action

Title: Minims phenylephrine 2.5% and 10% w/v eye drops: supply disruption

Broadcast content: Minims phenylephrine 2.5% eye drops will be out of stock from the end of November 2019 until early January 2020.
Minims phenylephrine 10% eye drops will be out of stock until early January 2020.

This alert provides advice on the management of patients currently using this medicine. The alert also contains suggestions for onward distribution which we encourage recipients to refer to.

Additional information: NHS England Regional Offices: please cascade this alert to Community Pharmacy and Optometry contractors.

Alert reference: SDA/2019/008

Action underway deadline: 18-Nov-2019

Action complete deadline: 10-Jan-2020


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