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Originator: DHSC Supply Disruption Alert

Issue date: 15-Oct-2018 15:05:50

Action by recipients:
  • Acute Trusts
  • Learning Disabilities Trusts
  • Mental Health & Learning Disabilities
  • Community Trusts
  • Care Trusts
  • Mental Health & Social Care Trusts
  • Ambulance Trusts
  • Mental Health Trusts
  • Specialists Trusts
  • NHS Regional Offices

Information to recipients:
  • Special Health Authorities
  • Other contacts
  • Territorial CMOs in Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales
  • Director of Public Health
  • Ofsted recipients
  • Social Care Providers (registered with CAS)
  • Independent Healthcare Providers (registered with CAS)
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups

Action category: Immediate Action

Title: Update: EpiPen and EpiPen Junior (adrenaline auto-injector devices) - Supply Disruption

Broadcast content: This alert provides an update to the previous alert from 28 September 2018 regarding the supply of adrenaline auto-injector devices. Whilst all the information on this alert should be reviewed and actioned as appropriate, the changes from the 28 September alert are highlighted in red text.

Please note that the alert contains an embedded attachment (under 'Action' point 7) which is also attached as a separate document (SDA-2018-001(U)-Letter). This is a parent/carer facing letter giving advice about the EpiPen Junior shortage. This alert is requesting GP practices to identify registered patients (children) prescribed EpiPen Junior and make contact with their parents/carers in the next five working days to share details of these national contingency arrangements.

Additional information: NHS Regional Offices: please cascade this alert to all primary care providers. GP practices and pharmacies are asked to circulate the letter to parents and carers.

Alert reference: SDA/2018/001(U)

Action underway deadline: 18-Oct-2018

Action complete deadline: 31-Dec-2018


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