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Originator: DH Estates and Facilities

Issue date: 30-Jun-2016 10:01:08

Action by recipients:
  • Acute Trusts
  • Learning Disabilities Trusts
  • Mental Health & Learning Disabilities
  • Community Trusts
  • Care Trusts
  • Mental Health & Social Care Trusts
  • Ambulance Trusts
  • Mental Health Trusts
  • Specialists Trusts
  • NHS Regional Offices

Information to recipients:
  • Special Health Authorities
  • Other contacts
  • Ofsted recipients
  • Social Care Providers (registered with CAS)
  • Independent Healthcare Providers (registered with CAS)
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups

Action category: Action

Title: 13A Electrical socket inserts (socket covers or protectors)

Broadcast content:

This Alert is issued to highlight how, in certain circumstances, the use of plastic 13A (13 amp) electrical socket inserts (sold as safety accessories) can overcome the safety features designed into socket outlets.

13A electrical socket inserts should not be used in health or social care premises, nor supplied for use in a home or residence. Any socket inserts currently in use should be withdrawn from use and responsibly disposed of.

Additional information: NHS England regional offices please cascade to GPs and Dentists

Alert reference: EFA/2016/002

Action underway deadline: 18-Jul-2016

Action complete deadline: 01-Dec-2016

Cascade to:
  • Dentists
  • GPs

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