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Originator: CMO Messaging

From: Department of Health & Social Care

Issue date: 08-May-2019 09:27:05

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Action category: Class 1: Immediate

Title: Influenza Season 2018/19: Use of Antiviral Medicines in Primary Care

Broadcast content:

The most recent surveillance data from Public Health England (PHE) indicates that circulation of influenza in the community has returned to baseline levels.

GPs and other prescribers working in primary care should no longer prescribe antiviral medicines, for the prophylaxis and treatment of influenza on an FP10 prescription form. Community pharmacists should no longer supply antiviral medicines in primary care, on presentation of an FP10 prescription form.

Please see the attached alert for further information.

Additional information: NHS England Regional Offices: please cascade this alert to GPs and community pharmacists.

Alert reference: CEM/CMO/2019/001

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  • #NURSES#
  • #HospitalPharmacy#

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