Extended deadlines: given the current situation we have agreed with alert originators to extend the action completion deadlines for a number of alerts, we may add to this list in the coming weeks:

MDA/2020/005 - extended to 24 July 2020
EFA/2019/005 - extended to 30 October 2020
EFA 2020/001 - extended to 12 February 2021

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CAS Liaison Officers - we understand that some of you use an email auto forward to share all alerts you receive with colleagues. Each alert suggests who it will be relevant to, some require senior leadership oversight to be identified at the outset and some alerts are sensitive and not suitable for dissemination before your organisation has agreed how to implement the actions. It is difficult to address these requirements if there is an auto-forward before you check the alerts you receive. If you do have an auto-forward in place, then please review it with these points in mind.

Some users may have received an email relating to Drug Alert EL(20)A/17. That alert has been removed from the website as it is going to be reissued shortly. We apologise for any confusion.

Drug alert issued this morning (13 February) - in error this was also sent to out of hours contacts. We apologise for this oversight, this drug alert should be actioned in accordance with your usual in-hours process for drug alerts.

Attention all providers: Providers should not use the same or similar look and design as National Patient Safety Alerts to disseminate local alerts in their organisation. Examples of providers doing this have been brought to our attention. There is a risk that these alerts become confused with national alerts which meet stringent criteria to ensure the actions are safe without any unforeseen consequences. This practice also risks other organisations picking them up and confusing them for National Patient Safety Alerts, which have a set governance process for providers to follow.

SDA/2019/009 - Please note there is an error in the website/email title of this alert. It should refer to 250mg capsules, not 500mg. The alert pdf is correct.

EL (19)A/28 - we have amended the alert pdf as it had the incorrect date of issue at the top. No other changes have been made.

MDA/2019/023 (20 September 2019) – Please note that under ‘Action’, points 2 and 3 have been amended; whilst under ‘Problem/background’, the first bullet point in the fifth paragraph has been amended and a references added. It can be accessed at the link below.

EFA/2019/004: The attachment in the notification for EFA/2019/004 was missing.  The attachment has now been included. CAS liaison officers please action as appropriate. (Added 19 September 2019).

MDA 2019/022 - CAS Liaison Officers, please note that the deadlines in the alert are for device users to review use of the devices in End Tidal Control mode and contact GE to make arrangements for the software update installation to be completed, rather than for the installation itself to be completed.

EL (19)A/19 - Please note that the contact details for medical information enquiry for this alert has changed. The correct details are as follows: Email:; Tel: +44 -870 1923283.

MDA/2019/019 - Please note that the Field Safety Notice (FSN) for this alert has been updated with some changes though the actions for users are still the same. You can access the updated FSN through the link in the alert - added 23/05/2019

MDA/2019/016 - CAS Liaison Officers please close MDA/2019/015 as action to not required - superseded by alert MDA/2019/016.  MDA/2019/016 is an update on MDA/2019/015 and therefore you should follow the actions listed in the most recent MDA.  In terms of the difference between the two alerts we have added an additional action point and given a brief explanation in the background section of the update - added 20/03/2019

MDA/2019/017 - CAS Liaison Officers please note there was an error under section Problem/background.  The alert makes reference to a previous alert MDA/2018/0031 - this should read MDA/2018/031.

Some users who do not log usually log into the website to acknowledge alerts may have received an email stating that alert (EFA/2019/003) is overdue acknowledgement. If you do not usually log into the website to acknowledge alerts then please disregard this email - it was sent in error.

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