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Originator: National Patient Safety Alert - MHRA

Issue date: Originally issued on 04-Aug-2022 11:34:29. This version was issued on 04-Aug-2022 11:34:29

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Action category: Action

Title: Recall of Mexiletine hydrochloride 50mg, 100mg and 200mg Hard Capsules, Clinigen Healthcare Ltd due to a potential of underdosing and/or overdosing

Broadcast content:
***04/08/2022. Per correction by Clinigen Healthcare Ltd, an update was made to correct the expiry date for Mexiletine hydrochloride 50mg Hard Capsules (batch 2111216)****

Clinigen Healthcare Ltd is initiating a recall of three batches of Mexiletine hydrochloride hard capsules due to a potential risk of underdose or overdose, which could have consequences for the safety of patients.

This National Patient Safety Alert contains further information and actions for providers.

Additional information: NHS England Regional Teams: please cascade this alert to Community Pharmacy contractors.

Alert reference: NatPSA/2022/007/MHRA

Action underway deadline: 08-Aug-2022

Action complete deadline: 12-Aug-2022


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