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Originator: CAS Helpdesk Team

From: CAS Helpdesk

Issue date: 10-May-2022 11:35:41

This alert has been issued to:
  • Care Trusts
  • Mental Health Trusts
  • Specialists Trusts
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • NHS Regional Offices
  • Learning Disabilities Trusts
  • Mental Health & Social Care Trusts
  • Ambulance Trusts
  • Special Health Authorities
  • Mental Health & Learning Disabilities Trusts
  • Acute Trusts
  • Community Trusts

Action category: Action

Title: Changes to alert responses

Broadcast content: We have made some changes to the alert response status options on the website. This update provides details of the changes and the impact on the 'View My Alerts' screen and 'Reports'.

This update is only relevant to organisations which we collect responses from via the CAS website and has only been issued to those organisations and those who have access to the reports function.

No response is required via the website to this update.

Additional information: This update is not relevant to primary care.

Alert reference: CHT/2022/002


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