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Originator: DHSC & NHS England and Improvement: Supply disruption alert

Issue date: Originally issued on 25-Jun-2020 12:47:50. This version was issued on 25-Jun-2020 12:47:50

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Action category: Action

Title: Phenelzine Sulphate 15mg tablets (Nardil) - Supply Disruption

Broadcast content:
This alert was originally issued on 25 June 2020. This version was published on 03 July 2020 and contains updates to the problem/background and Supporting Information sections.

Phenelzine 15mg tablets (NardilĀ®) have been unavailable since August 2019 and this is now expected to be a long-term supply issue. There is currently no confirmed resupply date. 

Phenelzine is an irreversible monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) licensed for the treatment of depression clinically characterised as 'atypical', 'non endogenous', 'neurotic' or which has not responded to treatment with other antidepressants.
It is clinically unsafe to stop or switch this drug abruptly, therefore, any switching or withdrawal will need to be undertaken by a specialist.

Unlicensed imports of phenelzine 15mg tablets were being used to manage patients and maintain treatment, however, due to global supply issues these imports have become unreliable.

Supplies of unlicensed phenelzine 15mg capsule specials have become available.

The alert contains further information and action for providers.

Please note that no response is required via the CAS website to this alert.

Additional information: NHS England and NHS Improvement Regional Offices: please cascade this alert to Community Pharmacy.

Alert reference: SDA/2020/011


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